Sample Group was established in 1909 to help community members that may be experiencing rough times within the community of Our City.

1910's - Sample Group was founded to meet the recreational, educational, and social service needs of area families. The club's first meeting was held on January 14, 1911, when a board of 24 women, many of whom owned summer homes in Our City, elected Mrs. Russell, as president. The women's mission was to address social problems in the fields of health, welfare and recreation. The original club operated out of a home on Ri Boulevard, and then moved to a club house on Oak Street where the The City's first gymnasium was constructed. The Neighborhood Club cosponsored Our City's first public library in 1915 and helped to organize Our City's first hospital in 1917. George El was chosen as executive director in 1919, a job he held until 1962.
The original Neighborhood Club, circa 1913, was in a former home located on Oak street .
The second Neighborhood Club building .
1920's - Our City Neighborhood Club helped to construct Cot Hospital. Mr. Dexter , Jr. donated an eight-acre site on Water between Clair and Meff to the club, and a new community center and gymnasium were built at 17151 Water after a successful $150,000 fund raising drive. 
1930's - During the depression, the Neighborhood Club was the public welfare center for the area. The federal and county emergency relief act programs were administrated by the club, and the personal concern that has been a tradition of the club helped many families during those hard times. In the 30's, the recreation program enjoyed great popularity, and the Detroit Lions used the club football field for practice. 
1940's - The first Metropolitan Club was held on the playfield, two paddle tennis courts were built, and Rotary Keeno parties attracted thousands of participants. World War II forced the club to respond again to changing community needs. The club continued to serve as a public welfare office, volunteered to serve as Civil Defense Headquarters, and became a U.S.O. center. Over 3,000 service men were served breakfast by club volunteers before being sent overseas. 

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